A Letter from UCSMG

As professional uncertainties loom about our national society, starting a business or even planning a launch for your business concept, may seem unattainable. Do not be dismayed however, your potential is endless! Your business goals are achievable, and we absolutely know you can start the business of your dreams.

Utilize Consulting Service and Management Group offers the ability to see inside your vision. Our process is unlike any other management and consulting firm, as we focus on driving the conceptual elements that connect your vision into a working project. We understand the trials and challenges of getting your idea to paper and developing each component into a whole, viable organization. We invest the hard things; time, energy, information, industry education and resources, to spark the fire of building your organization in the 21st century.

The role of UCSMG is to assist in the execution of your sole proprietorship or corporate organization’s mission and facilitate the overall vision and mission for strong entrepreneurial success. As a boutique consulting firm, we offer a stellar advantage to taking the right amount of time and energy in the development of your dream. Over the years we have developed deep relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on providing services and results above client expectations. We are small, but focused on the BIG picture in building your business. Each element and person within this organization offers the ability to see all things in a microscopic way and find the right solution that produces the greatest impact for business success.

We welcome you to embrace the mission: One Start, One Move, One Triumph! We have walked with many clients that have already seen the impact that hiring a consultant does on the long-term success of their organization. Whether you have one employee or 1000, we give you the undivided attention necessary to impact all you do and need to do to continue to grow.

Utilize Consulting Services & Management Group

One Start, One Move, One Triumph!






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Every Day You Wait Is a Day You Don't Succeed

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You won’t make it far as an entrepreneur without this one skill!

Everyone is always wondering the key to success. While different experts have different opinions, there is one key skill you absolutely must have to succeed as an entrepreneur. That one skill is...wait for it!

Have you ever walked into an establishment only to be ignored? You walk up expecting a greeting from the person that works there, but they act like you’re bothering them. How does that make you feel? I can guess it does not make you want to patron that particular establishment anymore. But why is that? You’re not at the store for the person you don’t even know to talk to you. You are there to buy something. But because of this person’s lack of customer service, you are extremely turned off.

A key part of providing a good customer experience is communicating with your customer...Communication!

Having the ability to communicate with your customer, rather you’re in a B2B business or B2C business is a vital skill for business success. So why is it that so many entrepreneurs miss the mark? Is it that they just don’t care? I like to think that it is because they don’t understand how important communication is. Every interaction that you have with a customer or fellow business professional is an opportunity for you to showcase your excellent communication skills aka customer service skills.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts when communicating in a professional setting:

Do: Greet people with an upbeat positive attitude, rather you are online, face-to-face, or over the phone, attitude is everything!
Don’t: Respond to a potential business partner or customer as you would a friend. If you have not established a relationship with the person, leave the, “Hey girl/Hey Bro” greetings and opt for a more professional, “Hello, how are you?”
Do: Inform the person you’re talking to how you like to communicate. For example, do you prefer emails over phone calls?
Don’t: Be afraid to tell someone the worse way to reach you. For example, “The best way to reach me is via text.”
Do: Communicate clearly what your expectations are and document everything.
Don’t: Expect something for nothing. It is extremely offensive to ask professionals to use their skills, that they charge people for, to do favors for you. At the very least offer to barter an equally beneficial service product.
Do: Show appreciation and gratitude for people’s time and or resources.

While there are many keys to success, having the ability to communicate professionally is vital for success as an entrepreneur.
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Small Business Owner Spotlight: Brandi C Shelton

CEO of Utilize Consulting Service and Management Group UCSMG, Brandi’s company has the mantra “One Start, One Move, One Triumph”. This mantra is the what guides this organization in seeking to build relationships with small and big businesses allowing the owners and high level management to understand how to create business savings, long term marketing plans and vendor relations that sustain the business. Utilize is the foundation of growing dreams of Sole Proprietors/CEO’s by working side by side with them to see the business from the inside. View their website at ucsmg.com/
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