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In these days and times when professional uncertainties loom about our national society, starting a business or even planning a launch for your business concept may seem light years away. Do not be dismayed, your potential is endless, your business goals are achievable and we absolutely know you can do it.

Utilize Consulting Service and Management Group offers the ability to see inside your vision. Our focus is unlike any other management and Consulting firm we focus on Driving the conceptual elements that connect your vision into a working project in the development stages of life. We understand the trials and challenges getting the idea to paper and developing each component into a viable organization with your stamp of approval. We invest the hard things from time, energy, information, industry education and resources to spark the fire of building your organization in the 21st century.

The role of UCSMG focuses on assisting in the execution of your Sole Ownership or Corporate Mission facilitating the overall vision and mission for a strong entrepreneurial life and future. As a boutique, we offer a stellar advantage to taking the right amount of time and energy in the development of your dream. In addition to the relationships, that we have obtained based on our need to service vendors and clients over and above the expectation.

We are small but focused on the BIG picture in building business. Each element and person within this organization offers the ability to see all things in a microscope and find the smallest element that makes the greatest impact.

We welcome you to embracing the mission One Start, One Move, One Triumph and walking with so many clients that have already seen what impact and education or even hindsight can do for an organization large or small. Whether you have 1 employee or 1000 we give you the undivided attention necessary to impact all you do and need to do to grow.

Utilize Consulting Services & Management Group

One Start, One Move, One Triumph!





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Every Day You Wait Is a Day You Don't Succeed

Today’s Principle focuses on the word “Triggers” in its plural format this action word identifies steps to take in order to move forward. In life we all a variety of elements that TRIGGER us to act on something.
What triggers you to be creative? Determined? Focused? Driven?
Tell me your trigger to make it to the next minute, hour, day, week, month or year. How do you see your triggers in your business to know what to do next?
Post and tell me.. I want to hear from you.
#brandisprinciples #GetterDoneFriday
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Balance Defined: as an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.
How do you create Balance if you have kids, business, husband, family, personal life and well everything.
Here are 5 quick things to work on:
1. The Calendar: do just use it to book special events but use it for workflow, research, pick up and drop off, meal prep.
a. Set Alarms for the items we have to do with caring for the family
b. Schedule meetings in 15/30/45 minute increments.
i. 15 Minute (Calls Only)
ii. 30 Minutes (in person/Follow-up)
iii. 45 Minutes (Working meetings online or in person
If you have a meeting over 90 minutes, it will take you out of the loop for 180 minutes.
2. Plan the Day
a. Include meditation, breakfast, lunch and dinner
b. Have 2 personal calls with friends (5 minutes only)
i. It will help give you a happy moment or two. (Schedule these calls Morning, midday or right before dinner)
c. Keep a clear space to work
i. Clean piece of paper under your keyboard for notes, phone with headphones for easy note-taking, 3 pens (red, black and blue), pencil and marker(black)
1. It will help you prioritize your work list
3. Check Email 3 times a day (Morning, Noon, and right before you finish the day).
a. This increases productivity, allows better customer engagement and trains you mentally.
i. Email is a workflow, but if you use is the wrong way it can take over your life.
4. Auto responders: are your friend….
a. Initial emails need a response and direction to the customer or employee. Set up a variety of responders that show your audience you are listening and there to help them.
5. Know your limits and set them
a. Start with 4 hours and work your way up.
i. Committing to 10/15 hours of workflow will draining you if there is no break for food, a laugh or even a mental recap of what you are trying to accomplish.
b. Start fresh with meditation on what needs to happen TODAY! Then build out the agenda.
Plan your week on Saturday evening (5-8pm) or Sunday morning right after you reflect on the week and the word or even after family breakfast) that way you go into the week STRONG!

See you soon…
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Strategic Agility: Do we know how to achieve greatness? Watch the video to gain answers on how to overcome.....


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